Cloud Based Project Accounting Services

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for Creative Service Firms


You have worked hard & used both your talent and energy running a successful agency for a few years now.  Your business is showing steady growth and perhaps is poised for even more growth to come. But you can’t shake the nagging feeling that your profitability is suffering because you’re Not:

  • Passing along all reimbursable expenses

  • Estimating projects profitably

  • Invoicing for all billable hours

We understand it can be complicated to bill on a project by project basis. You have to account for a myriad of cost factors with each project and keep track of everything

Why Choose Us?

We offer all the standard bookkeeping services and we are proud of the skill and experience we bring to those services.  We also go beyond the standard services to create a customized system that ensures:

  • All reimbursable expenses are recorded and invoiced to clients.

  • Project profitability tracking, so you don’t under-estimate the next project.

  • All billable hours are tracked and invoiced.

We constantly monitor all of your company’s finances, to ensure you maximize your profitability.