Frequently Asked Questions

What software do you use?

For accounting we use the Quickbooks suite of products.  We primarily work with Quickbooks Online.  

Who is the owner of the Accounting file?

Unless specifically stated, we always make the business owner the primary admin on any accounting software. You have ownership over your accounting system.

What information do you need from me?

We will need access to any current systems you use to manage finances.  Depending on your bookkeeping needs we can be added with limited or full access.

Is my information secure?

We will adhere to any communication practices you feel are most secure when sharing financial reports and sensitive data.  The systems we use offer a secure user experience and we can review any security concerns before we start using a new system.


No. We only keep track of the financial records of the business entity. We do not provide personal bookkeeping services for owners of the companies we work with.  Owners and shareholders will need to have their own accountants to manage personal finances.

Why virtual bookkeeping?

Cloud based accounting programs and related apps have reduced the need for in house bookkeeping. We can securely exchange needed information from separate locations. You will always be able to access your accounting files and financial reports wherever you are.  It streamlines the accounting process and gets it off your plate. 

 How do we communicate if you are virtual?

We recommend email. We always ask for an email account from your company’s domain to be created for accounting purposes.  We will primarily use this to communicate with you, your customers and vendors.

We also give each of our clients a dedicated channel on our Slack account. If you have an immediate need you can message us the details, we can review and respond.

We also suggest a short weekly video call to address needs. We can always schedule a time to talk outside of the weekly call if needs arise.

Are their any face to face interactions?

Yes. If your company is based in the New York Tri-State area, we recommend meeting at least once a month to go over financial reports and discuss any questions you have about your books. We also use Zoom’s video conferencing to schedule video calls should something happens that requires immediate attention.    

Do you file taxes on our behalf?

No, we can recommend a CPA, Certified Professional Accountant, but we suggest our clients seek out their own.  We will communicate any needed financial reports to your CPA so they can file taxes on your behalf.